Women's Brown & Black Mudcloth Inspired Ankara Shoe

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Women's Brown & Black Mudcloth Inspired Ankara Shoe -

Constructed from mesh cloth, these classic and versatile sneakers combine both sport and leisure qualities, boasting light, breathable construction that leaves feet feeling refreshed, not stuffy. Adjustable laces allow for easy customization and versatility throughout the year, ideal for daily, sporting, hiking, or exercise needs.

 Cleaning Instructions: Ensure canvas shoes are kept dry- excessive exposure to water can compromise the adhesive, diminishing longevity. Clean shoes regularly, wiping with a damp cloth (avoid over moistening) and dabbing a small amount of toothpaste on tougher spots such as dirt. Brushing with a soft toothbrush is recommended, paying special attention not to be too vigorous. After cleaning, air-dry in cool, well-ventilated area- protect from direct sunlight. Finally, wrap shoes in paper towels to optimize cleanliness and preserve them.